Nakamoto Games

What is Nakamoto Games

Nakamoto Games is a Web3 gaming platform offering multiple fun and addictive crypto games. The platform will bring massive earning opportunities to both gamers and non-gamers as we expect crypto gaming will continue to grow.
We aim to attract both gamers and game developers. Developers will also have the tools to launch and monetize their own gaming creations on the platform. We are building an entire ecosystem for play-to-earn games, not just a single game.
Nakamoto Games itself is releasing new play to earn games on a frequent basis. Gamers will always have new releases to choose from, it never gets boring. On top of the in-house releases, third party developers are incentivized to plug-in their games via our SDK and increase the number of games launched on our platform.
Nakamoto Games has successfully launched its mainnet with over 200,000 registered players. The games you will find inside NAKAMOTO GAMES are primarily short miniclip HTML5 games with genre varieties from action games, shooting games, NFT games, sport games, and many more. Apart from miniclip games, NAKAMOTO GAMES also have in-house developers that are building their first AAA survival game Escape. Currently NAKAMOTO GAMES has successfully launch over 200 games
The future of NAKAMOTO GAMES does not only entitled to being a Web3 gaming protocol, but the team also envisioned a self-sustaining metaverse that connects gaming to metaverse through its NAKAVERSE project.
Last modified 1mo ago