How to Buy Items

How to Buy on NAKA Marketplace

There are two separate categories to choose from when trading for NFT in NAKA marketplace : Games NFT or Nakaverse Land NFT. Choose the one you want to pick to see the options available on market.

Buying Games NFT

When picking on games NFT market, you'll be met with options of in-game assets that are used to play in Nakamoto Games gaming portal. You can use the filters on the sidebar to pick which type of in-game assets you want to buy.

Each in-game assets available will be shown with information depicting as follow:

If you have decided on the in-game assets you want to buy, simply click on it to open up the in-game assets information.

On this page, you can choose the quantity of in-game assets you want to buy. The corresponding amount of $NAKA required to buy will be shown on the right along with the USD value on the bottom right hand corner.

When you want to buy, connect to your wallet that is linked to a Nakamoto Games account and then hit BUY. The in-game assets will now be in your inventory and you can start using it to play games on the Nakamoto Games gaming portal.

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