How to Import NAKA Punk to Metamask

After receiving your NAKA Punk from the What is NAKA Marketplace, your NAKA Punk will be in your Web3 Wallet under the ERC-721 label.

In order for NAKA Punk to show in any Web3 wallet, you will need to whitelist the NAKA Punk in your wallet application first.

For this guide, we will cover the procedures on how to import your NAKA Punk onto your mobile Metamask application.

This guide will only cover the Metamask on mobile application version, not the browser extension version.

Step 1: Getting your NAKA Punk ID Number

Before starting the importing process, you will need to find out your NAKA Punk ID Number first. Start by going into Nakamoto.Games and connect to your Nakamoto Games account that is linked to the wallet you used to receive the NAKA Punk. After that, head to the sidebar and look for Inventory.

Then connect your Web3 wallet to your account and press on Inventory again.

Then press the NAKA Punk Tab and your NAKA Punk will show up with your NAKA Punk ID Number. In this example, the Punk ID Number is #8932

Step 2 : Importing NAKA Punk into Metamask Mobile App

To move forward in this step, make sure you have a Metamask Application installed into your mobile phone first and go through the procedure of adding your wallet information as well as opening up the wallet in Polygon Chain before proceeding on.

Once you have your Metamask app ready, go to the NFTs tab and you will see something like this:

Right now your NAKA Punk will not show on the Metamask App as it has not been imported into the app yet. Press the Import NFTs button at the bottom to start the importing process. You'll see 2 text box to input in the Address and ID.

For Address, input the NAKA Punk Contract :


For ID, input your NAKA Punk ID Number that you've found in Step 1. After pressing Done, you will see the Punk Icon show up in your NFTs section. Make sure your ID number is correct, otherwise it will not import the correct NAKA Punk and give you an error instead.

That is the end of the importing process for NAKA Punk to Metamask App. The procedure is likely the same for other mobile applications so please try to find a workaround for the Web3 wallet app of your choice.

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