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Earning with Arcade Emporium

As the owner of the Arcade Emporium NFT, the owner will be entitled to all commission generated from users playing the games on Nakamoto.Games.
Referring to the $NAKA distribution for each game in Reward Distribution, 3% of the game reward pool goes to the game developer. In cases for games with Arcade Emporium NFT, the 3% distribution goes directly to the owner's wallet.
Therefore, Arcade Emporium NFT owners will receive the 3% commission as $NAKA for every game that is played on the platform owned by them. The more the players, the higher the commission gained passively forever.
Arcade Emporium NFT owners can also sell their Arcade Emporium NFT to other users as well. The more the user base, the higher chance for higher asking price for Arcade Emporium NFTs.