Arcade Emporium Q&A

Q: What is Arcade Emporium?

A: Arcade Emporium in short is an approach to have community members become a part of the ecosystem. It allows community members to become an owner of a game on Nakamoto.Games regardless whether they're a game dev or investor through usage of NFT.

Q: How exactly does it work?

A: Nakamoto Games will create NFT for each game that is available on the play-to-earn side and sell it through $NAKA Marketplace. The price of the NFT will be dependent on the game quality. Each game will have only 1 NFT and you can resell it later.

Q: So there is only 1 NFT per game?

A: Yes, only 1 NFT per game and it will work in an offers / counters on NAKA marketplace, meaning you can buy it off the shelve or request the price.

There will be no NFT of the same game available so if you have the NFT, you own the game

Q: What is the purpose of this NFT?

A: This NFT gives you all the rights to the game commission. Every time the game is played, 3% commission is distributed towards the owner of the game therefore you will earn $NAKA passively when someone plays the game on Nakamoto.Games

Q: So the earning is dependent on the number of games being played?

A: Yes, the more games being played, the more earnings in $NAKA you will receive. Therefore if you have a following or if you have fanbase, you can advertise for your followers to come play and earn passively.

Q: What games will be available for purchase?

A: Majority of the new P2E games will become available for purchase as NFT, which will be pre-selected by the Nakamoto Games Team

Q: What if there is no game I'm interested in?

A: You can contact the team and send an order request for the team to build a game for you. The Nakamoto Games team will custom build a game based on your request. The quoted price will be based on the prod difficulty and time.

Q: Is it a one-time operation or continuous development?

A: One order request will be a one time operation with free bug fixing, but if you want to update new content or new patches, it will require additional costing to implement new patches every now and then.

Q: How will we pay for the NFT / Order Request?

A: All payments will be in $NAKA, but will be valued in USD amount. Therefore, if the cost of operation is $1,000, you will have to pay $1,000 USD equivalent in $NAKA

Q: Can we buy previous titles available on Nakamoto.Games?

A: No you cannot, but you can always request the same game but uses different assets to create another / new game on the platform. Note however that new games not owned by Nakamoto Games will not have "NAKA" in title.

Q: How can we leverage the NFT?

A: You will have to build the audience for your game and gather as much user as possible. The more the user base, the higher chance of selling the NFT at a higher price.

Each player will have "Game Management Page" for owners to posts updates on.

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