AMA with Orion Protocol

Andrew : Hello everyone and welcome to our AMA with Nakamoto Games! :-) We’re splitting this AMA into two and having some of it held here in the Orion Protocol Telegram group as well as over in the Nakamoto Games Telegram group later on, so stay with us and follow us over there when we head across.

Goto : Ok! So great to be there and we're excited to have you over too.

Andrew : We are delighted to welcome Tor @gotoism, CEO of Nakamoto Games, Stéphane @stephanedoueihi, our Business Development & Operations Director at Orion Protocol, and I’m Andrew, Orion’s CMO.

Goto : Thank you so much for the introduction.

Andrew : If you didn’t already see our news announcement, the Nakamoto team has just installed Orion Swap Widget onto their website, which we announced last week. Here’s the link to look at after the AMA:

Goto : We did it very fast! As your widget made it easy to install! No hassle

Andrew : The integration provides users with direct access to their NAKA token plus many other tokens with deep aggregated liquidity from Orion Protocol combining the largest CEXs and DEXs in the industry. The integration provides users with direct access to their NAKA token plus many other tokens with deep aggregated liquidity from Orion Protocol combining the largest CEXs and DEXs in the industry. So let’s dive straight in!

Tor @gotoism, welcome in! And congratulations on adopting Orion Swap Widget to your website and project. Orion is delighted to have you part of the growing ecosystem!

Q1: For those not familiar with Nakamoto Games, can you please give us a bit of background about what the project is about and how it started.

Goto : Sure, Nakamoto Games is an industry-leading play-to-earn and Metaverse ecosystem. After just one year live on mainnet, our platform has 200,000 registered users and a catalog of 20 on-site play-to-earn games. Our project was publicly announced last August, just after the explosion of play-to-earn gaming in the crypto market.

After assembling a team of developers with decades of collective experience in both blockchain and gaming development, we were ready to jump into the next generation of gaming. We launched first with 10 games on our platform, with each game having lucrative play-to-earn rewards. Since then Nakamoto Games has released 10 more, all the while improving our graphics and gameplay to match the growth of the rapidly expanding industry. Our latest AAA 3-D in-house developed game Escape is a great example.

We have also built a host of features into our ecosystem including a marketplace, a native DEX, an NFT collection, and an upcoming Metaverse world we have coined the NAKAVERSE. We just keep delivering!

Andrew : That's brilliant to have that many registered users. Play-to-earn is so popular, isn't it.

Goto : It is and we have worked hard to gain gamers and keep the momentum going. Yes that's how we differentiate ourselves from other projects. Our reward pool is real play-to-earn model where players earn from other players from the game. Read more here.

pageGaming Reward System

Andrew : Packed full of brilliant features, then. Outstanding. Next question...

Q2: What is it that Nakamoto Games solves within the industry and how does it differ from other projects?

Goto : As briefly mentioned above, Nakamoto Games solves the biggest problem in the GameFi industry. The problem of sustainable reward economics. The majority of platforms use huge early reward pools to attract new players. Early adopters snap these up. Once the pool has been depleted, the game is no longer able to reward players to near the same level. Then people naturally lose interest and the protocol fails.

It is either this model or relying on new players to purchase necessary in-game items in order to provide liquidity for the rest of the player population. Both models are unsustainable and lead to rapid token devaluation.

Nakamoto Games solves this problem with a zero-sum gaming model. Players put up tokens to participate in our online games and rewards are distributed to each player based on where they finish. Instead of depleting a pool of tokens provided by the protocol, players compete for each other's tokens. This protects the value of our native token $NAKA and creates a sustainable earning environment for players.

Andrew : Especially with this relating to play-to-earn, it's fascinating to hear this one I reckon.

Goto : Thank you. We have thought it through! Other problems we solve are diversity and adaptation in the rapidly expanding GameFi landscape. The majority of big play-to-earn platforms provide just one game. Although the games receive regular updates, the majority will be made obsolete as the industry evolves. We ensured this will not happen to us by offering a constantly updated catalog of play-to-earn games. Each game we release shows improvements in quality, and our diversity of games guarantees that there is something for everyone.

Andrew : Really stoking the competitive gaming flames as well 😊

Goto : Great gameplay+sustainable reward pool+constant launches of games+improvement of features = NAKA!

Andrew : I love how you're constantly updating and growing it

Goto : Exactly, and implementing Orion Swap Widget is one of the examples. You could see how fast we implemented this from our conversation.

Andrew : Definitely! Opening up more accessibility for NAKA directly from the site. It's one of the beauties about it. Free and install in under 15 mins! As we show, you can of course default the tokens to whatever you like. In your case USDT > NAKA 😊

Next Question! Q3 : What are the stand-out features for Nakamoto Games and how does that blend with enjoyment and functionality for your users?

Goto : To enhance our play-to-earn model, we have developed a number of features to boost rewards and prize distribution on our platform. In-game achievements offer additional value to players by rewarding $NAKA for their significant milestones. We also have a weekly rewards pool for the most skilled and active players and host huge tournaments with prize pools as high as $10,000 for our community to enjoy. And smaller but frequent tournaments to promote new games.

Andrew : Huge prize pools indeed! A great variation.

Goto : To ensure everyone can benefit from GameFi, we have introduced free-to-play and micro-pooling options to accommodate all gamers regardless of what stakes they choose to play. Additionally, our tiered system ensures gamers compete against players of similar skill to ensure everyone has a fair chance of earning rewards on our platform.

Andrew : Oh, I like it! This is great info for us and the community for you sharing all this great knowledge of the features. Brilliant. They have the tiered system in some of the sports games like Fifa etc. Leagues and things.

Goto : We also integrated fiat currency acceptance through our native DEX. With this marketplace, global trading of $NAKA for various currencies can take place in a safe and secure manner on the platform's website.

So we made it easy for everyone! Hope Orion members here join our platform after this!

We focus heavily on community. Both our Twitter and Telegram have six-figure memberships and we have recently launched a Discord channel. This way, whatever your chosen social media platform is, there will be a Nakamoto Games community waiting for you. We maintain a close relationship with our users through regular blog posts and a weekly development update, ensuring our entire community can keep their finger on the pulse.

Andrew : Ah, Discord is great. It's like a hub for us and our content as well. Another great addition.

Goto : See you all in Discord then

You can see that we have amazing, supportive community! They are here in this group too. #BIGSHOUTOUT!

This quarter we also released our own NFT collection, NAKA Punks!

Andrew : Super popular I'm sure! They've taken the industry by storm have the Punk-style NFTs. Another great addition. 😊

Goto : Thank you. We're very proud of the concept and artwork

Andrew : and that's to do with the gaming club?

Goto : Yes we offer exclusivity and every NAKA Punk purchase comes with a NAKAVERSE land asset valued at $500. More details will be revealed soon.

Andrew : Ah, excellent. Look forward to hearing the update! Q4: Since adding Orion Swap Widget to your website, your visitors now have access to the largest CEXs and DEXs (including Binance, OKX, KuCoin, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, AscendEX, QuickSwap and Spookyswap) in one place, using only their own personal wallet to connect from anywhere in the world. How does this benefit your users?

Goto : By integrating the Orion Swap Widget, the process of buying $NAKA tokens has become very simple. Nakamoto Games users can now buy the $NAKA token directly from our website.

Until now, our gamers had the tedious task of switching between a variety of websites to buy $NAKA tokens. Now instead of using multiple exchanges to purchase $NAKA, users can simply connect their wallets and select a swap pairing to purchase our native token in a fully decentralized process.

The widget seamlessly facilitates the purchase of $NAKA directly from the website without additional costs. Unlike other applications, the Orion Swap widget is easy to install and takes minutes to integrate with the system to facilitate a smooth and secure decentralized trade.

Andrew : It makes such a difference we think! It certainly will for your users as well. "One-stop shop" we often like to call Orion 😊

Goto : Spot on. We love it!

Andrew : and having all of that liquidity in one place just by connecting your own wallet is only available through Orion. It really opens up a lot of new possibilities for users. And of course, they always retain their own assets as it's their own wallet.

Wonderful! Next Question! Q5. Security is paramount for Orion Protocol. Why is owning your own assets, like on Orion where people use their own wallets to trade in a decentralized way, so important do you think?

Goto : Many exchanges place cryptocurrencies bought on their platform into a third-party custodial wallet provided by centralized exchanges. Although it can be argued this is a simple and easy-to-use solution. There is a hefty trade-off for crypto holders.

First of all, the private keys are controlled by a third party taking the idea of decentralizing out of the equation immediately. Secondly, these wallets are vulnerable to hacks as we have seen in a variety of cases in the past, even for large and established trading platforms.

Andrew : Yep. Not your keys, not your coins.

Goto : What’s more, all customers need KYC and AML verification before creation and it limits features available to experienced crypto users. All these problems are avoided when dealing with your own wallet. You are in control and do not have to place your faith in a centralized financial system. This is why Orion Protocol helps facilitate true and secure decentralization. We are a big fan of simplifying processes

Andrew : That's it. Connect your wallet and trade. Easy! Through MetaMask and WalletConnect etc, there's plenty of personal wallets that can connect. Even Trezor and Ledger!

Goto : Accessible anywhere. Decentralized, convenient access.

Andrew : Absolutely. A huge statement across the world. Breaking down borders and creating access for all. Global access through Orion! Next question! Q6. Can you give us an idea of the current phase of Nakamoto Games and what exciting additions you have coming up next in the future?

Goto : We kicked off quarter four with a bang, releasing our first in-house AAA game Escape, and a 10,000-strong NFT collection. However, we are just getting started and have a host of exciting developments on the horizon.

First of all, Outlanders, an immersive 3-D MMORPG three years in the making is set to debut on our website this winter. The game contains both move-to-earn and play-to-earn rewards and features an earn now, collect later model perfect for non-crypto native gamers.

Secondly, We are planning to bring a selection of our games to mobile in the coming months. Soon players will be able to log into Nakamoto Games anywhere in the world at any time of day to play games and earn rewards.

Andrew : 3 years in the making! Really detailed process of building, isn't it.

Goto : It is! Check out summary of what we have achieved from our honorable $NAKA member here.

Nakamoto Games aims to allow independent developers access to our software development kits (SDKs). This should lead to many new games hitting the platform for users to enjoy and allow developers to earn commission every time their game is played. We are also expanding SDK compatibility to a number of other blockchains, starting with the burgeoning Dogechain.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we are soon to launch a brainchild of our team since day one. The NAKAVERSE is coming soon, an immersive Metaverse environment that mimics many facets of the real-world economy. Players can own land, dine, work, and own houses in the new virtual world full of rewards for players.

Andrew : Constantly busy and vibrant dev team. We love to see that!

Goto : We had a chance to introduce $NAKA in our group. Could you please introduce Orion Protocol to us? How does it work? Who are your target audience and how does your solution help the crypto space?

Andrew : Yes, for sure! Orion Protocol is a liquidity aggregator, combining centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges and swap pools into one aggregated trading order book. Orion enables you to trade across all major exchanges without having an account. You always use your own wallet to trade. Simply connect your wallet and execute your order, and you never give up your assets!

Try it here and let us know how you like it!

Orion solves major issues in the industry of liquidity, custody, accessibility and scalability. Whereas individual exchanges are the root of a fragmented industry, Orion breaks down those needless limitations by combining the largest exchanges together across different blockchains: BNB Chain, Ethereum, Fantom and Polygon, with more to come.

Through just connecting your own wallet, these exchanges are available to trade via Orion’s combined order books. Orion has Binance, KuCoin, OKX, AscendEX, along with freshly integrated DEXs of Uniswap, PancakeSwap, QuickSwap and SpookySwap. You no longer need to jump between these exchanges anymore as they’re in one place with Orion and COMBINED together for deep order books and fantastic value.

We are building a lot of content on our YouTube channel so it’d be great to subscribe and follow along with what we’re building. Here’s a video about why Orion has no comparison:

As a business, Orion has built up 18 revenue streams and through B2B features, has begun rolling them out, Orion Swap Widget being the first. We’re also expanding in all areas as we’ve recently created ‘Web3 News by Orion’, which gives you about a dozen of the crypto industry’s biggest stories between Monday and Friday of each week. Super concise and keeps you on top of things!

You can follow it here:

Goto : 18 revenue streams sound so hardcore. How is your roadmap like after the Swap Widget?

Andrew : We are working on an update for that. We have so many things coming we want to make sure we're covering everything as we have new ideas and integrations sprouting up all of the time! We have some very exciting features currently in development. A lot of our time currently is focused on helping (big) projects use our deep liquidity — those projects are top L1s, top CEXs, etc. Once it's in place, we expect volume through the Orion Protocol to be much higher, which will benefit ORN holders.

Goto : Can you explain further on Orion Swap Widget? How does it work and who do they benefit?

Andrew : Orion Swap Widget enables anyone to add Orion’s aggregated trading access onto their own website for FREE as a swap widget, and it’s installed in under 15 mins. It enables projects to have increased user retention by offering their token directly from their website along with the aggregated liquidity that Orion provides with the likes of Binance, KuCoin, OKX, Uniswap and PancakeSwap all integrated.

Here’s our video about it:

How many of us would like to install it on your own websites as well? Definitely one to recommend to your favorite projects. It’s a great way of supporting the projects as you can default the main trading pair to whatever you please. In Nakamoto Games’ case it’s USDT < NAKA :-)

Goto : A community member is really curious to know about the tokenomics of ORN.

Andrew : Check this out:

At the core of Orion Protocol is the ORN token.

Orion has ensured deep utility of the token across the entire protocol, integrating it into all main transactions to take the form of an internal currency or utility token.


Holding ORN will bring a range of benefits, plus additional functionality that will add further value to users and incentivize them to hold: including discounted trading, advanced features, protocol access, and staking returns.


Orion Protocol has built eighteen revenue streams and counting with the ORN token at their core, generating revenue from day one.


New tokens are never minted beyond the TGE, while efforts are in place to strategically and frequently remove tokens from circulating supply. Only purchased tokens will be in circulation till the 16th month.

Goto : Happy we integrated it! We are big fans of 18+ Sources of revenue.

Stephane : We’ve worked hard to ensure deep utility of the ORN token across our entire ecosystem.

ORION TERMINAL - Gain fee discount when paying with ORN token. Earn terminal transaction fees by staking ORN tokens.

DECENTRALIZED BROKERAGE - Brokers must stake ORN tokens to be chosen to execute trades: the more ORN tokens staked, the higher the chance of being chosen. Non-brokers stake ORN tokens to vote for their broker of choice, based on the benefits a broker shares with voters.

ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS - The token utility of each additional DeFi solution lies in the integral role the ORN token plays in the decentralized brokerage, with every transaction within each solution acting as a trade being carried out by a broker.

DIMINISHING SUPPLY - ORN is supply-capped, with efforts in place to strategically remove tokens from circulation.

Orion is committed to ensuring the sustainability of the ORN token. It’s supply-capped, meaning new tokens are never minted beyond the Token Generation Event, while efforts are in place to strategically and frequently remove tokens from circulating supply.

STAKING - DPoB encourages all parties to stake and remove their ORN tokens from the circulating supply in return for maximum results. Rewards generated are then compounded into their stake, further reducing circulating supply.

Read more:

Andrew : And Orion is way out in front in offering this. Other 'aggregators' need accounts to trade or low liquidity exchanges etc, or need an account for the centralized side.

Orion is quick literally, connect your own personal wallet and start trading. Easy as that!

Goto : Please feel free to leave links

Andrew : Yep! Thanks, Tor.

We have a bunch here:

Discord | Telegram | News | Twitter | Reddit | YouTube | Site | FTX | LinkedIn | Web3 News by Orion | Trade

Goto : Thank you Stephane and Andrew!

Stephane : Thank YOU! The pleasure was ours. Very nice collaborating with you & your team! It's clear that the Nakamoto Team is very hardworking, talented, and on to something BIG! 😊🔥

Andrew : @gotoism, thanks so much for an excellent AMA! It's been a real pleasure to collaborate with you and your team, and what a fantastic NAKA community is here. We are super pleased to have you all now part of the Orion community of trading as well.😊

Today's task, try aggregated trading : 😃

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