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How to Withdraw $NAKA

How to Withdraw $NAKA from CEX to Web3 Hot Wallet

Step 1: Download a Web3 hot wallet of your choosing.
Here are some examples of Web3 hot wallets:
Step 2: Create a Web3 wallet account.
In this example we will use the Metamask Web Extension. Once you have installed Metamask to your browser, you'll be greeted with this page:
Metamask welcome page
Press on Get started and if you are new to Metamask, you can set up your wallet now or if you have secret recovery phrase, you can insert it now.
Recover your wallet or set up new wallet
For this example, we will create a new Web3 hot wallet, so let's press on Create a wallet. You will be asked to create a password for Metamask. NOTE: This is the password to access Metamask application on the browser, not your Web3 wallet password! Create the password of your choosing and proceed on.
Create your Metamask app password
You will then be greeted with a short video introduction to Secret Recovery Phrase or Passphrase that will allow you to recover your Web3 wallet anywhere on any Web3 Hot Wallet platforms. If you never used a Web3 wallet before, it is advised to watch the video to the end.
Learn about Secret Recovery Phrase or Passphrase
Once you are done with the video, hit Next and you'll be able to see your Passphrase for your new Web3 wallet. It is advised for you to write the Passphrase down on a piece of paper and store it somewhere safe. Try to avoid recording the passphrase on any devices with internet connection as it is prone to hacks.
Write down your Passphrase on a piece of paper
After you write down your Passphrase, hit Next and you'll be asked to recite your passphrase in the correct order.
Recite your passphrase in the correct order
Once you have completed reciting your Passphrase in the correct order, hit Confirm and now you have successfully created your first Web3 Hot Wallet!
Congratulations! You have created your first Web3 Hot Wallet
Step 3: Import Polygon RPC
Nakamoto Games $NAKA is a token inside the Polygon blockchain, therefore you will need to setup the Polygon blockchain RPC on your metamask first. To start, open your Metamask extension and click on the icon on the top right. You'll see a dropdown then press on Settings.
Configure your Polygon RPC to change to Polygon blockchain
Once you're in the Settings page, click on Networks and then press Add a Network.
Go to Networks and add a network
If you downloaded the new version Metamask, you can add the Polygon Mainnet directly from the lists, or you can add a network manually.
Click on the Polygon Mainnet on the list, or add a network manually
For this example, we'll add the network manually. To add the Polygon mainnet, use the following to input all the network information:
Use the following information to add Polygon Mainnet
Once you have completed filling in the information, press Save and you'll be switched on the Polygon mainnet wallet.
You are now on the Polygon Mainnet wallet.
Step 4: Import $NAKA contract onto Metamask
To see your $NAKA in your Metamask wallet, you will need to import the $NAKA contract first. To start importing, press Import tokens.
Press Import tokens to import $NAKA contract
Input the following information
  • Token contract address : 0x311434160D7537be358930def317AfB606C0D737
  • Token symbol : NAKA
  • Token decimal : 18
Input the information to import $NAKA into your metamask wallet
Once you are done, press Add custom token to import $NAKA into your Metamask wallet. You will now be able to see your $NAKA token balance on Metamask.
You will be able to see your $NAKA token in your Metamask wallet now
Step 5 : Withdraw $NAKA from CEX to Web3 wallet
Now it is time for you to withdraw your $NAKA to your Web3 wallet, which in this example we will withdraw from Kucoin to Metamask. Before starting, go to your Metamask app and find your public key. This is the public blockchain address (wallet address) that you will use to send and receive any tokens. This can be found underneath your Account Name.
Find your public blockchain address (wallet address) underneath your Account Name
Press on the Copy Icon to copy your wallet address to copy it to your clipboard. Now go to Kucoin to start the withdrawal process. On Kucoin, go to your wallet and go to Withdraw to start withdrawal.
Kucoin Withdraw Crypto section
Under the Select a Coin, select NAKA (Nakamoto Games)
Withdraw to Wallet Address and then paste your wallet address in this section. Double check to see that you input the correct Web3 wallet address.
Choose the MATIC Network and then you can input the amount.
There will be 3 $NAKA as withdrawal fee and minimum withdrawal of 6 $NAKA per time.
Once you double check everything is correct, press Withdraw and you will be asked to put in your credentials (Trading Password / Email verification code / 2FA Code)
Put in your credentials to start the withdrawal process
Once you have submitted your credentials, your $NAKA is on its way to your Web3 wallet.
Make sure to also withdraw some $MATIC to your Web3 wallet as well. You will need $MATIC as "gas fees" or transaction costs while you navigate within Polygon blockchain
Wait for 1-5 minutes (depending on network congestion) and your $NAKA should appear in your Web3 wallet. You can also check the transaction details under the withdraw blockchain record inside Kucoin.
Your $NAKA is now safely stored in your Web3 wallet
Once the transaction is completed, your $NAKA is now withdrawn from the CEX and is now under self-custody. Congratulations, now you have your own keys and your own coins.