Referral System

Introducing the NAKAMOTO GAMES Referral System where every players can earn lifetime passive income by inviting your friends to sign up and start playing on NAKAMOTO Games!

Earn 3% referral fee on every game that your friend or referred players played, and the payout will be paid in real-time based on the $NAKA Price the referred player used to buy the NFT resources.

Referral payments will be calculated based on the price of each NFT resource that was used to play the game, which fluctuates with price of $NAKA. Therefore, in the example above, the price of 1 TICKET was 3.5 $NAKA, the payout for referral payment is at 0.1051 $NAKA, which equals to 3%. Notice that the referral payments are not the same for all six instances due to the fluctuating NAKA price at the moment that it was used to play a game.

You can also monitor your referral activities as well to see who has played the most game and provided you with the referral $NAKA!

Visit to see your referral link and start referring some friends to join the NAKA revolution!

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