NAKA Punk AMA with Kanga Exchange

Michelle : Hello Everybody! Excited to hold an AMA about our NAKA Punk Collection.

Robert : Hey guys!! We have selected some questions, but if you missed to post them earlier you still have a chance to ask them live here ;)

Michelle : Great being here! Thanks for hosting today’s AMA!

Goto : Happy to meet Kanga community

Michelle : We’re excited to be here today and tell everybody more about the NAKA Punk Collection! NAKA Punks is a limited edition collection of 10,000 NFTs with core and speculative values comparable to blue-chip NFTs like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks. Owning a NAKA Punk will entitle investors to an airdropped property worth $500 in the NAKAVERSE, the Nakamoto Games’ immersive virtual world. It also allows them to earn substantial passive income by receiving a profit share of NAKA's eco-system and access to an exclusive gaming club with airdrops and private presales of blockchain gaming products. All that without any risk as we offer a buy-back.

Michelle : Please go ahead and ask us anything you want to know in particular.

Robert : Sure thing! I have gathered some from our SM channels. First one was what other utilities you have planned for NAKA Punks in next few months maybe even years?

Michelle : The main core concept are the utilities I mentioned above. Overall the NAKA Punk Collection will bring our community together even closer, imagine that a big part of the community members using their Punk as their social profile and streaming the NAKA movement in that way. With the NAKA Punk collection we’re strengthening our big community even further. Not many NFT collections have that amount of utilities available, the NAKA eco-system already exists with hundred thousands of users, most NFT collections starting to build their eco-systems later and from scratch.

We’re issuing the NFT’s at a point of development where users have an immediate use-case with the NFT’s. That’s pretty amazing. Besides all those use-cases you have the speculative approach as you have with any NFT. It’s very likely that nearly nobody wants to sell their NFT’s to not lose access to all the upside which you receive with holding it. Specially the ultra rare golden skin NFT’s won’t be easy to get on the marketplace.

Robert : Could you please elaborate on the buyback without any risk? How does it work?

Goto : NAKA Punks can be sold back to Nakamoto Games exactly one year after minting at the initial minting price. The buyback is only eligible as long as the airdrops and land associated with the NFT has not been claimed over the course of the year.

Robert : Which one of all Punks is the rarest one and your all time favourite?

Michelle : The Golden Skin Punks, we’re issuing only 50 of these.

Please join the official NAKA Punks Channel to not miss any news! We’re having a lot lined up which addresses the NAKA Punks Eco-System.

Goto : You may find information from here And we'd love to welcome Kanga community to our group

Robert : thanks! That will surely come in handy! Are some punks inspired from your team members? I mean their appearance.

Michelle : No, the Punks are futuristic characters which all bring a different rarity with them. Again our NAKA Punks NFT Collection is based on and built around the Nakamoto Games Eco-System which already has hundred thousands of users. We’ll release a rarity calculator on our website with which you can check the rarity of your Punk. Be ready and buckle up for all the great things which are ahead.

Robert : Tell us more about your nakaverse :D

Michelle : The NAKAVERSE is the first Metaverse which represents the real world economy. Practically you can interact with the NAKAVERSE as with the real economy, you can rent land, produce goods, build and construct, develop, whatever idea you have. All NAKA Punk holders get a building worth 500$ for free.

Goto : NAKAVERSE is our ecosystem closely integrated to Nakamoto Games platform. Land owners will be able to make earnings from producing on their lands.

Robert : i really like the idea. When do you expect to release the Punks?

Michelle : End of August.

Robert : How many Punks will you issue? Are there additional mints planned?

Michelle : 10,000 Punks are minted in total. There won’t be any more mints.

Robert : Why you decided to inspire with CryptoPunks instead of creating something totally brandnew (NakaBees or so :P)

Michelle : Perfecting a proven and accepted concept is the best approach. Most first movers are not the long-term winners, same with search engines and auction houses. Thanks for all those great community questions. We’re very happy to have shared some additional knowledge and information about our NAKA Punk Collection!

Robert : Thank you guys four time! I think we can wrap this up.

Michelle : Make sure to access the currently ongoing pre-sale on KANGA Exchange to potentially secure an ultra rare Punk at Pre-Sale Price! Thank You! Have a beautiful day ahead!

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