How to Sell Items

How to Sell on NAKA marketplace.

To start selling on NAKA marketplace, open up your Nakamoto Games account and head to the Inventory tab. Once there, you will find all the NFT associated with your account. This includes all in-game assets and lands if you have them.

Selling Games NFT

To sell in-game assets, click on the asset you want to sell, it will open up a new page.

In this page, you will see the quantity of the specific in-game item you have. Click on SELL ITEM to sell it on NAKA marketplace.

A new pop-up modal will appear where you can input the amount of in-game assets you wish to sell and the selling price in $NAKA. When the transaction is processed, your item will be available on the NAKA marketplace and if the item is sold, you will receive the $NAKA amount subtracting a 5% marketplace fee that goes towards your Web3 wallet directly.

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