How to Start in Nakaverse

To start your journey in the Nakaverse, you will need to complete the following steps first.

  1. Have a Nakamoto Games account. Check to see how to register.

  2. Own / rent a land. See Landsfor more details on what Lands are in Nakaverse.

  3. Own / rent a factory. See Factories / Buildings for more details on what Factories / Buildings are used for in Nakaverse.

Once you have all the prerequisites, head over to Nakaverse.Games and connect your wallet to start your Nakaverse experience.

Make sure to Log In using the same wallet that is carrying the Lands & Factories

After connecting your Web3 wallet to the Nakaverse website, click on NAKAVERSE'S GAME-PLAY to start the game.

Once you have finished loading the resources, you'll be met with a welcome screen. Press Start to continue on.

Once arrived into the Nakaverse, if you have an active Land, you will see your Lands on the left sidebar. You can click on the land and the navigation will center your Land in the middle of the map.

You can click on the Land and the Land information will pop up on the right sidebar showing the Land Owner, the resources, and the workers on the Land.

On the bottom-left side of the screen you will see the mini-map of the current Nakaverse continent you are in. The letter "T" will take you to the Nakamoto Tower while the "M" is unavailable at the moment.

To see your Inventory, click on the Box Icon on the top-left corner of the screen which will show a pop-up window of the raw materials and all the game assets that is connected to your account.

The Inventory will show the resources you currently own, separated by being raw material and refined materials. On the top, you can select to see the In-Game Items you currently owned, and the Factories you have as well. This will be linked to your Web3 wallet, so any NFT Buildings and in-game assets you have will be shown here as well.

How to Start Mining your Land

To start mining your Land, make sure you have the correct Factory type that matches your Land type (for example: Sawmill for Woodlands).

Once you have both your land and factory ready, click on the Land ID on the left sidebar to navigate to your land.

Then press on your land and click on the Resources tab on the Land Information.

If your land has been opened (see How to Open Mineral Resource after Minting), you should see the Construct A Building icon.

Select your factory and proceed on and now you should have you factory built on your land.

To start mining, press the Process A Product button and it will start mining the land for the raw materials produced by the mining lands.

Mining a Land is a 24-hr process. After pressing on Process A Product, the land will mine for 24 hours and you need to come back and collect your mining rewards.

After collecting the mining rewards, you will need to repeat the Process A Product step again to start mining the next round.

Each standard factory will be able to mine 8000 raw materials per day that can be increased further by mining utilizations (factory level, electricity, workers)

How to Craft In-Game Assets

After mining the raw materials, it will need to go through a processing facility to refine into Ingots. This can be done through 3rd party Offices available or through the Nakamoto Tower.

To start refining into Ingots, press the "T" beside the minimap to navigate to the Nakamoto Tower.

In this example, we will try to craft Oil using Crude Oil that was mined from the Petroleum Land. You can change the craft amount and you will see the amount of Crude Oil required change with the craft amount. Once you are ready, press on Craft and you will receive the crafted Ingots.

With the Ingots you receive, you can now sell the Ingots in What is NAKA Marketplace or you can use it to create In-Game Assets. Press on the tower to see what types of Ingots each type of In-Game Assets requires to craft.

In the example above, for $1 Oil, you will need 36 Oil Ingots and 12 Copper Ingot. If you are producing Oils already, now you will need to find another Nakaverse user to trade the Copper Ingot with or you can check out on the What is NAKA Marketplace to see if Copper Ingot is being sold there or not.

To see which In-Game Assets requires what Ingots, see Crafting Table

Once you have the required material, you can change the craft amount based on the total number of Ingots you have and then press Craft. There will be a timer popped up to show the amount of time it will require for crafting the In-Game Assets.

Once the timer is up, you can now claim the In-Game Assets which will automatically transfer into your Nakamoto Games account Inventory. You can now use the newly crafted In-Game Assets to play games on the Nakamoto Games platform or you can sell on the What is NAKA Marketplace.

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