Factories / Buildings

Apart from the Lands of Nakaverse, factories and buildings are another fundamental aspects that is needed to operate the economy within Nakaverse. Similar to how buildings in the real world works, the factories and buildings of Nakaverse will be implemented with the purpose of mining and creating the materials that fuels the Nakamoto Games Ecosystem. Each buildings will have its specific uses depending on the land types and although some buildings can be built on every land type, there are several unique ones that is required to be built only on Urban lands. Factories and buildings can be purchased from the What is NAKA Marketplace with the market price at $1,500 worth of $NAKA.

Mining Factories

There are 6 different mining factories that can be operated in any type of lands:

  • Coal Mining Plant - produces coal

  • Copper Mining Plant - produces copper ore

  • Gemstone Mining Plant - produces raw gem

  • Iron Mining Plant - produces iron ore

  • Oil Refinery - produces crude oil

  • Sawmill produces wood

Each factory will yield different raw materials and operates under a 24-hr processing time period. The factories will yield a minimum of 8,000 of raw minerals per day when operated on any types of land, with the mining rate increases depending on Factory Level & other utilizations such as number of Employees and electricity usage.

Energy Farm

There are 2 types of energy farm are buildings that can be built on any types of land that serves different purposes

  • Solar Energy Farm - solar energy is the source for electricity production. Every factory runs on electricity and solar energy farm will produce Electricity that enhances the factory mining rate. Electricity will be a tradable asset within the Nakaverse and will have a major role in keeping maintenance of the mining factories. It is most suitable for Sun Dust lands.

  • Wind Energy Farm - wind energy is the source for food production. Every factory needs a worker to run the mining plant and these workers will require Food to be able to operate on the mining plants. Foods will be a tradable asset within the Nakaverse and will have a major role in replenishing the workers energy. It is most suitable for Evergreen lands.

The Energy Farm productions are unavailable in the current Nakaverse version

Offices (Urban Exclusive)

Although Nakamoto Tower provides the mineral refinement as well, Nakaverse users can utilize the offices to do mineral refinement at a much cheaper rate when compared to the Nakamoto Tower.

Offices can also provide jobs for Employees as well, providing compensations in return.

All three types of offices produce the same result with the only difference is the aesthetic of the building.

The Offices mineral refinement are unavailable in the current Nakaverse version

Houses (Urban Exclusive)

Houses are residential area for all Nakaverse workers. To replenish the Stamina of the workers, they will need to restore it through renting out one of the houses. Although workers can regain their Stamina by default, utilizing the houses will provide a faster Stamina replenishment.

Although workers can also restore their energy with Food from time to time, renting out houses will provide a more sustainable way for workers to operate in longer hours.

Owners of houses can choose and decide on the rental fees as an upkeep for all workers who rent out their houses.

All three types of houses produce the same result with the only difference is the aesthetic of the building.

The Houses rental options are unavailable in the current Nakaverse version

Where to Buy Factories / Buildings

Factories and Buildings are a type of ERC-721 standard token (NFTs) which are tradable on secondary markets such as Opensea. However, the minting of Factories/Buildings NFTs will happen only on the What is NAKA Marketplace.

There are currently 2 ways to buy Factories & Buildings.

  1. Buy from secondary market such as Opensea with $ETH

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