The Economy

Nakaverse is built on the foundation of being the fuel for the whole Nakamoto Games ecosystem. Unlike other metaverses that have land scarcity and have its value based purely on speculations, Nakaverse land have unlimited supply and operates with intrinsic value tied to each land in a form of a set number of raw minerals that can be extracted from each land and lands that have purposes as manufacturing plants to produces goods that serves the play-to-earn gaming portal.

To understand more on how Nakaverse economy operates, it is crucial to understand the 3 different parties acting 3 different roles in driving the Nakaverse ecosystem.

The Landlords

The landlords are the owner of a piece of land in Nakaverse. They are the people who decides on what the lands in the Nakaverse will be used for and will be able to gain passive income utilizing the land to its fullest.

There will be two types of lands : (1) Mining Lands and (2) Production Lands where the first will be mining for raw minerals, combined them into in-game assets to sell for customers to buy and use to it in the Play-to-Earn gaming portal (B2C) while the latter will be providing services for the first group such as producing ingots and boosting mining efficiency rate (B2B).

  • If you own Mining Lands, you will need to buy a mining factory that suits your land type and process it everyday to mine the raw minerals from the land. You may also consider the option of renting out your lands to Entrepreneurs and have them do all the dirty work.

  • If you own Production Lands, you will need to buy an office or a house or an energy farm that suits your land type.

    • If you have a house, you can provide housing services for Workers to rest. Resting will restore Stamina which will allow the Employees to work again in the Nakaverse.

    • If you own an energy farm, you can provide the service of selling Electricity and Food to fuel the efficiency for Mining Factories and Stamina for Employees.

Each land types will have different Factory / Building NFTs that works best for them, while some Buildings are limited to Urban lands only. Visit Factories / Buildings to learn more about the different building types.

Ultimately, the Landlords are the creators of the Nakaverse ecosystem where everything that happens in Nakaverse starts from them and are the people who gain the most monetary benefits throughout the whole land lifespan.

The Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurs are the group of people who will be operating the factories and buildings in Nakaverse on a daily basis. They will be the ones that proceeds with all the mining activities with their extensive collection of factories and buildings while tweaking the numbers to enhance the efficiency rate.

Entrepreneurs will usually have many building types to their disposal and will operate on any lands that are available for rent. Some Entrepreneurs may have their own lands and operate on their own terms, but the main focus of Entrepreneurs should be prioritized in operating the buildings for the Landlords.

For Entrepreneurs, the efficiency of the building operations are what most important to them as having higher yields means they can get more from a land while paying the same rent. There are different types of efficiencies that can be improved upon:

  1. Factory / Building Level - Factory / Building will have Leveling System linked to each building. The higher the building level, the more efficient it becomes.

  2. Employees - Employees can be hired to improve efficiency in the buildings. The higher the employee level, the more efficient it becomes.

  3. Electricity - Electricity produced by Solar Energy Farm can be used to increase the efficiency in the building. The more electricity uses, the more efficient it becomes.

Example : a normal mining factory yields a total of 8,000 raw minerals per day, which equates to $40 per day. A Landlord offers to have the Entrepreneurs operate on his land in exchange for $30 per day, leaving the Entrepreneurs $10 as operating profit. However, if the Entrepreneurs has a higher efficiency rate in mining the lands because they (i) have contacts of skilled Workers (ii) has their own electricity generating plant (iii) has high level mining factories, they can increase the yield up to 15,000 raw minerals per day, equivalent to $75 daily. After paying off the rent costs of $30, they are left with $45 worth of raw minerals by utilizing efficiency.

As seen in the example above, by focusing on increasing mining efficiency, Entrepreneurs can gain higher profit margins than Landlords if they operate at high efficiencies, thus makes it more suitable for Entrepreneurs to improve upon the assets that builds up on efficiency.

The Employees

The Employees are the working class of Nakaverse. They are the ordinary users who wishes to participate within the Nakaverse by signing up to work in mining factories or production facilities.

Becoming an Employee inside the Nakaverse will be requiring a form of NAKA ID, which in this case will be the NAKA Punks NFT. With the maximum of 10,000 Employees available based on the maximum number of NAKA Punks, Employees will be scarce and will play a very important role within the Nakaverse ecosystem.

Employees are able to gain passive income by becoming the workforce offering their services to improve the efficiencies for the Landlords and the Entrepreneurs, in exchange for compensations in a form of raw minerals that is utilized by the establishment.

Each Employees will operate under a Stamina bar which will deplete over time when they are doing any activities such as mining the lands, operating the offices, or working in the energy farm.

To restore their Stamina bar, the Employees can choose to do one of the followings:

  1. Stay idle (not doing anything) and slowly restore Stamina over time. This means that the Employee will not be gaining any benefits during this time.

  2. Eat Food produced by Wind Energy Farms to quickly restore Stamina immediately.

  3. Rent out Houses to get rest after a work which will restore Stamina quickly over time.

For Employees, Stamina management is crucial as having enough Stamina to perform a specific duty within the NAKAVERSE allows for more opportunities to earn without needing to invest in anything as long as they have the NAKA Punks NFT with them.

The Economy Wrap Up

Nakaverse is a large metaverse with opportunities for all individuals. From big investors to smaller workforces, Nakaverse aims to fulfill all the roles that a metaverse should have. Each roles have different ways of connecting amongst each other that which is mutually beneficial for all parties, thus make the Nakaverse economy runs smoothly without leaving any parties behind.

Begin your journey into the Nakaverse and choose the role you wish to fulfill!

  • To become Landlords, purchase Landsand connect with Entrepreneurs.

  • To become Entrepreneurs, purchase Factories / Buildings and connect with Landlords.

  • To become Employees, purchase NAKA Punks NFT and connect with Landlords or Entrepreneurs.

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