Goto : Please welcome @GradyT, our honored host from Contango team!!

Grady Teske : Really appreciate it @gotoism, a few weeks ago we sat back with the Contango VC team and began to think about how we could anchor our model around diligence and execution. Nakamoto Games has crushed it within our portfolio so really appreciate the team joining us on this diligence bounty

Michelle : Thanks @GradyT! Happy to hear that. We’re just starting.

Goto : Thank you so much for your kind words!! We work hard nonstop and we could not have done it without support from you and the community.

Grady Teske : A quick reminder as we begin - we will be awarding $500 in NAKA after the AMA for the best crowd sourced question. So while I take a moment grilling GoTo take time to think of your best one.

Goto : Please. The stage is yours.

Grady Teske : Soooo... GM (it’s early here in North America yet 😉) We’re excited to chat deeper with the $NAKA community about the value and utility the Nakamoto Team has driven hodlers. As a growing syndicate and venture fund anchors around diligence, with a responsibility to review teams and projects while forecasting potential value.

We’ve created the Diligence Bounty to crowdsource greater analysis around projects and promote the writers, token buyers and angel investors voices to increase our commitment to diligence on early raise.

Nakamoto was an obvious choice from our portfolio companies and we’re going to share more today.

If you’d like to submit to the bounty visit where you’ll find original raise documentation and details on your chance to win $2,000 usd worth of NAKA and (6) paid articles from Nakamoto Games and Contango!

Personally I’d also like to say thanks for allowing Contango to grow deeper within the Nakamoto community, one of the strongest we’ve seen within the space. Please feel free to connect with me on TG or Twitter with questions on token buying, vc or project ideas. Always down to learn with you

At the end I'll open it up for further Questions.

Michelle : Thanks for the intro. Saying upfront that it’s been a great pleasure working with you on the marketing side.

Grady Teske : Your community has grown exponentially, how do you believe this was achieved? and more specifically; what were some of the engagement pieces you particularly found your community responded to?

Goto : This comes from several factors actually. Building trust is the key. We are very transparent and we keep our promise whether it's development or our next steps. The community receives updates from us regularly and the results show. We keep it open and engaging here. I'm very touched with overwhelming support from everyone.

Michelle : Trust! And trust is built in this space by proofing that you’re able to built the products you promised to build. On top that we kept on over delivering, we shipped more than we promised initially.

Grady Teske : Yes! Trust and Transparency are major allies with community building

Goto : We also constantly create campaigns to give back to the community.. and of course the best way is to do our job so that we deliver what's expected or even beyond their expectation.

Grady Teske : How will you maintain this trajectory moving forward?

Michelle : Building, expanding and communicating. We do see everyday as a new day, we don’t look at the work we did yesterday, every day is a new start. We keep pushing, thinking and creating. Persistence is key.

Grady Teske : As (primarily) a marketer this is music to me! Nothing fits a great product well with strong communication and campaigns to build amongst your users.

Grady Teske : In a previous AMA you mentioned that you were hoping to engage new community members, even non-gamers, on your platform? How has this evolved and are there particular strategies you have implemented to make this easier?

Goto : Yes and it's not just about our current community members. We also expand the base by promoting heavily, bringing in new players and members, that's our key goal. We are a multiple P2E gaming platform to give players various options. Buying NAKA in fiat money can be done soon too!

Michelle : Yes, our first MMORPG, Outlanders, is a game which can be played by crypto and non crypto gamers. In that way we do include many more users. On a daily basis we do create and think about campaigns to accelerate growth further, we do work with streamers, influencer and marketing agencies!

Grady Teske : That's amazing. within our portfolio we identify projects that create value beyond the exisiting community as a priority as well. It's important to remember, we're all still early!

Goto : A new strategy we’re also adopting in recent times to attract non-blockchain gamers is onboarding third-party game developers that utilize our SDK to launch free-to-play games. A free-to-play game does not require users to purchase $NAKA or even set up a crypto wallet to enter. This unique method is a key catalyst for attracting mainstream gamers who are already accustomed to traditional games. Ultimately, these players will earn assets and can learn about crypto at a later stage to withdraw their earnings. We are highly optimistic that this approach will make mainstream adoption of our platform easier and introduce new audiences to the broader play-to-earn ecosystem.

Michelle : No influencer or marketing agency can compete with the power of word of mouth of happy users. That’s why we have full focus on building.

Goto : Yes this results in improving in features, gameplay, interface.

Grady Teske : This is a key factor for Nakamoto that I personally discovered while digging deeper into the Nakamoto Games bounty. By opening up opportunities for other developers you expand the audience and potential value for the entire platform and subsequently community.

Grady Teske : Switching directions for a moment. Can you give us a summary of the NAKA tokenomics?

Goto : Yes. One word. Revolutionary! Tokenomics Paper

Michelle : Utility utility and utility! Plus deflationary! Please have a look on our latest tweet :-) The more games are joining our SDK the more NAKA we burn and the less will circulate. Everybody knows to what that leads. Plus another cool announcement will follow for NAKA holders today.

Grady Teske : The NAKA tokenomics were a strong buy indicator for us when we initially reviewed the project. Even today your performance has enhanced the token model and coupled with the utility developed on platform, we're expecting this to continue to grow.

@gotoism for you directly; What do you believe makes the NAKA token sustainable?

Goto : The NAKA token is highly sustainable because of the numerous use cases it has within the Nakamoto Games ecosystem, as well as our unique value proposition in a highly competitive market. The millions of users that will eventually play their favorite games on the Nakamoto Games platform will interact with $NAKA as it serves as tickets for gameplay.

As Michelle mentioned, $NAKA’s long-term sustainability is further enhanced by the burn program where game developers utilizing our SDK must lock a specific amount of $NAKA that will be permanently burned. $NAKA is also the only token being used as native asset for multiple games. All of these factors put $NAKA in a strong position for healthy and sustainable growth in the long-term.

Michelle : Adding here that over time more token utilities will follow.

Grady Teske : Agreed - throwing you a curveball, besides the obvious development opportunities it offers and the subsequent audience growth. How do you think an open SDK directly affects sustainability?

Goto : Simply put, the developers need to stake $NAKA to host the games. $NAKA tokens staked will be burned and it reduces the $NAKA supply and incentivizing healthy market performance.

Michelle : Yes, many many more 👀😉 OMG, too excited for the things which are yet to come. Each game joining the SDK has to acquire token off the exchange which will be burned subsequently. That means that the SDK drives the token sustainability extremely.

Grady Teske : Essentially driving the greater ecosystem to add value to your Token. Love it, love it, love it! Simple is the right word. Make it simple and they will come!

On Development, @gotoism, you have built an extensive ecosystem, what were some of the ways you prioritised the developments on your roadmap? Did the community contribute to the direction? How will you prioritise future development?

Michelle : Variety of games, UI/UX, token sustainability. Major points. Mostly the community supported the foundation we offered and accelerated it. Our community is a big part of the success. Yes! For example President Ramu! @ramujakkampudi

Goto : We have adopted an approach to attract new players and keep existing players happy by introducing new games frequently, improving features, marketing to gain new users. There are familiar names of supporters that are with us from day 1. And new members come in everyday. Having tiering system and weekly prize pool is another example of how we prioritize player experience.

Grady Teske : Even today - you're demonstrating how community fuels team, which works hard to create value for the community.

This is the way

Goto : I often see community members guide newcomers where to start. Makes me smile everytime haha. So thankful! Our admins are also thankful. ;)

Michelle : Yes, our community is a major stake in our venture and we’re super thankful for that.

Grady Teske : I'd imagine your team and the developers who create new games for Nakamoto take a lot of inspiration from within this group as well.

Michelle : In the last two days, there were 16,159 Bullets used in one game - Duck Hunter. More than 700 game plays! Producing Bullets in the NAKAVERSE will offer a super high ROI!

Grady Teske : That's insane!

Goto : We are mentioned in third-party channels that we have strong engagement so that's a solid proof.

Grady Teske : 😍 Social Proof! But you all know that in here

Grady Teske : You have built an extensive ecosystem, what were some of the ways you prioritized the developments on your roadmap? Did the community contribute to the direction? How will you prioritize future development?

Michelle : We did offer the foundation and our community accelerated the growth. The pure product choice was mostly taken by the team. In-depth planning is key for the NAKAVERSE for example, we’re carefully designing the economics based on the current eco-system growth and turnover.

Goto : The launches of the games, varieties, new features and the community welcomes new updates warmly. We have referral program, for example where players can share the platform to their friends and earn.

Grady Teske : You have achieved so much in such little time, What are some of your immediate to short term goals? What are some longer term goals the community can expect to see?

Michelle : We’re here for the long-run and have the longterm vision to become the biggest play2earn platform in the space. Short term results are hard to predict, our daily goals are based on our long-term vision.

Goto : There are several exciting developments in the pipeline at Nakamoto Games. In the interim, our goal is to assist our MMORPG gaming partner in the roll-out of the first ever game built with the Nakamoto Games SDK. Ultimately, the release will pave the way for more third-party developers to launch on Nakamoto Games and vastly improve the gaming options available to the community. This is aimed to bring in crypto newbies as well. We lower barriers to entry for crypto gaming industry! We are also simultaneously working on multi-chain expansion, a strategy we believe will attract several new gamers to our ecosystem.

Michelle : The first multi-chain release will be Outlanders.

Grady Teske : Are you saying that the best way to connect on this is by closely following the community and joining us at the upcoming #TwitterSpaces (Wink Wink) or maybe I'm just saying that because I'm really enjoying this and don't want it to end.

Michelle : Yes

Grady Teske : What are some social aspects of your platform, where the community can connect with one another? Chat rooms, tournaments

Michelle : Our chat here, our chat function on the platform and on Twitter! + Discord

Goto : Chat in the platform, TG group here and other groups in local languages. We did our first live stream on youtube to show tournament live for non players to enjoy too.

Grady Teske : I really appreciate you letting me take time in the community today and I mean it when I share. Spending time within a projects community, meeting with the devs. This is the fun in which I derive the passion of my work. I really appreciate this

Grady Teske : Game developers are able to deploy their games on your platform and benefit from the marketing and audience. What other ways do you help developers? Do you feel this is helping to launch developers and agencies or do you see this becoming more of an opportunity for passive income through developers launching on your platform?

Michelle : We do share our experience with them which is super essential in this space. On the marketing and tech side. We do carefully select projects which join our SDK, each game is carefully screened and will always be overseen by our team. Plus use our development resources if needed.

Goto : Game devs can focus on developing and we handle marketing and bringing in users. No need to worry about go-to-market strategy.

Grady Teske : The spirit of decentralized building is creating base layers that allow us to focus on the core of what we do, maxamizing results. Buidlers can Buidl. Gamers can Game. Growth comes organically when the base layer is strung.

Grady Teske : What have been the biggest challenges from this model, how has it prompted you to rethink either development or token utility and where do you see it going from here?

Michelle : We adjusted the token model from B2C to B2B which made more sense. Now projects can have their own custom token economics which is needed after approaching many potential projects.

Goto : We pay attention to detail in development to make it easy as possible to scale also the documantion plays the key role, it's not a fun part but it's essential. Not to mention we have full team and support.

Grady Teske : That's really smart. I'd love to see that detailed further in a Bounty Submission! Ok - Cheater Question from me personally and then we open it up. Do you have any alpha you can share with us today?

Michelle : We’ll release something soon which increases our trading volume even further :-)

Grady Teske : Really appreciate the time with you today and don't forget to share the details of the Nakamoto Diligence Bounty.

It's the first time we've seen a writers bounty and we'd love a lot of submissions that we can blast across our social and distribution to reinforce the value of $NAKA

Also we have a Twitter Spaces set up next week so follow @contangodigital on Twitter or @nakamotogames on Twitter for details.

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