Official NAKA PUNKS Documents : click here

Nakamoto Games has quickly established itself as an industry-leading play-to-earn and Metaverse platform. We have achieved this by continuously expanding our ecosystem, providing users with a plethora of gaming options and ways to earn. The NAKA Punk NFT collection is our latest innovation and may be the most lucrative opportunity afforded to users yet.

There will be a total of 10,000 ‘Punks’ minted at a price of $200 each. Each unique NAKA Punk will have its own characteristics and rarity. Holders can estimate the value of their NFT by using a rarity calculator available within the Nakamoto Games ecosystem. The rarer your NAKA Punk NFT, the higher the speculative value and the greater potential return for the holder.

The perks of holding NAKA Punk NFT includes but not limited to :

✓ an airdrop of a NAKAVERSE asset worth of $500

✓ access to the Satoshi Gaming Club

✓ a profit share of the Nakamoto Games platform once Nakamoto Games gets profitable

✓ guaranteed buyback program for users to sell the NAKA Punks back to Nakamoto Games at $200, so long as the holder did not redeem any airdrop, asset, gotten from owning the NFT for a period of one year.

This allows users to be the owner of NAKA Punk at zero-risk where as long as the users hold for at least a year and not utilizing the NAKA Punk in anyway, they will be able to sell back the NAKA Punk at $200 each.

Make sure not to miss out and take your chance to reap an array of platform benefits by purchasing a NAKA Punk NFT. Join the NAKA Punks Telegram Channel to keep yourself updated with the latest info about NAKA Punks.

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