Arcade Emporium NFT

Nakamoto Games is exploring the potential of integrating the classic wing of our gamesโ€™ catalog into immersive arcade experiences via NFTs. By linking our games with NFTs, the buyers of the NFTs will have the opportunity to earn commissions from players engaging within our play-to-earn ecosystem.

Arcade Emporium service will sell shared virtual spaces via NFTs accessible by Nakamoto Games community members. Members of our 400,000-strong user base will come to arcades to participate in play-to-earn gaming. The owner will receive a commission for each game played, providing an opportunity to earn substantial passive income.

So how do you get your hands on an arcade? Users can purchase arcades as NFTs, from the Nakamoto Games marketplace. These will launch in two variants: ready-to-use and custom-made arcades. Ready-to-use arcades come fully kitted out, featuring a wide array of casual and competitive arcade games, including popular genres like fighting games, shooting games, pinball, and sports games.

Custom-made arcades are built from scratch by acquiring individual games purchased as NFTs on the marketplace. The buyer can choose/design their own unique game and hand it to the Nakamoto Games team to develop. The price quoted for this service will depend on the time and resources spent on making the game.

This innovative approach promises to provide an enhanced gaming experience for players and a new revenue stream for arcade owners. Arcade Emporium is another step in creating a diverse play-to-earn economy, allowing users to drive the direction of gaming on our platform and express themselves through the creation of unique virtual gaming spaces.

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