How Arcade Emporium Works

Arcade Emporium NFT works as a licensing deal for a specific game in, giving ownership of the game to the owner through usage of NFT technology. There are two ways to gain ownership of the Arcade Emporium NFT:

  1. Buy Arcade Emporium NFT of games that has already been released on the platform through What is NAKA Marketplace

  2. Connect with the team to create Build Orders for the team to custom build a game for you (costs of operation depends on length and game complexity)

Once the game is built and tested for bug fixes, it will undergo smart contract configuration through the Nakamoto Games SDK and release as a play-to-earn games on Nakamoto.Games.

The smart contract will also mint an NFT (ERC-721 token) with it which will then be sent to the investor / owner of the game to hold onto.

Arcade Emporium NFT owners will also be able to set up their own Personal Game Arcade Center that owners can decorate the looks and feels of the arcade center by themselves to suit the specific games they own.

The Arcade Emporium NFT owner can also have a dedicated Game Management Page to update on the game status as well as any events that the game owner wants the players to participate in.

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