Nakamoto Games


Chawalit Rugsasri (Tor) - CEO [LinkedIn]
Chawalit will be the executive lead at Nakamoto Games and will ensure that the wider team has the resources necessary to build a cutting-edge play-to-earn gaming ecosystem. Chawalit is no stranger to the blockchain industry and has operated Sublime Solidity Inc since 2019, providing whitelabel development services to disruptive projects in the Ethereum ecosystem. At Sublime Solidity, Chawalit led a team of over 20 highly skilled developers and professionals at Sublime Solidity and worked with some of the biggest decentralized gaming projects. Before Sublime Solidity, Chawalit logged almost a decade of experience providing versatile web development services.
Phiriyaphong Phumphoang (George) - COO [LinkedIn]
Phiriyaphong will lead operations at Nakamoto Games. In recent years, Phiriyaphong has worked as a project manager for several high-end real estate and IT infrastructure projects. He is deeply familiar with leading large-scale teams and ensuring that projects are on track for success. He is the perfect operational lead for Nakamoto Games.
Rumchawun Keeratipitayaporn (Yam) - CMO [LinkedIn]
Rumchawun has led digital marketing efforts at one of Thailand’s most prestigious online media agencies for the past four years. Rumchawun is deeply skilled at developing and implementing impactful sales and marketing strategies that are tailored to specific audiences. Rumchawun will be responsible for developing Nakamoto Games marketing strategy and will ensure that both the Western and Eastern markets are aware of the next-generation ecosystem.
Thanig Punyakhomsiri - Lead Developer [LinkedIn]
Specializing in layer-1 development at Sublime Solidity, Thanig is highly proficient with smart contract development and onchain logic. Thanig will be a lead developer at Nakamoto Games and will ensure that the ecosystem is securely and optimally developed. Before focusing fully on blockchain development, Thanig was an exemplary web developer for three years and provided services to one of Thailand’s most respected consulting agencies. Before focusing on development, Thanig worked in digital marketing for seven years. Thanig has been a longtime advocate of cryptocurrency technology and is familiar with both marketing strategies and tech in the industry.
Sairung Jaibun - Blockchain Developer [LinkedIn]
Sayrung is a specialist in blockchain-based gaming and will be one of the key developers at Nakamoto Games. Sayrung spent several years managing the gaming-focused clients at Sublime Solidity and developed a deep knowledge of how to develop secure and sublime decentralized gaming applications. Sayrung’s educational background is in programming and she is proficient in several highly-demanded programming languages.
Park Padungpattanadis - Blockchain Developer [LinkedIn]
Park is a longtime blockchain enthusiast and deeply skilled web developer. For over six years, Park has focused exclusively on providing exemplary web development services to one of Thailand’s leading real estate agencies. Park recently transitioned into the blockchain industry full-time after several years experimenting with building decentralized apps and coding smart contracts.
Tinnapob Phengpom - Lead Researcher [LinkedIn]
Tinnapob will act as the lead researcher at Nakamoto Games. Tinnapob has successfully completed doctoral PHD research on several highly technical topics such as renewables infrastructure, AI development, and robotics. His academic accolades have been cited in scores of esteemed journals. Tinnapob will lead all research activities at Nakamoto Games and will design the tokenomics for the NAKA token.
Tomek Kos - Advisor [LinkedIn]
Tomek will act as a strategic advisor to Nakamoto Games, providing key assistance in the areas of marketing and business strategy. Tomek founded and scaled a top-ten app development agency in Thailand and works with some of Thailand’s biggest enterprises to help them optimize their desktop and mobile applications. Through his agency, Tomek has worked with several game design and development companies. This knowledge will be highly applicable to Nakamoto Games and allow Tomek to give strategic input into Nakamoto Game’s inhouse development
KVESTOR - Advisor [Website]
KVESTOR is the founder and CEO of one of Asia’s most respected cryptocurrency venture capital companies. VYSYN Ventures has provided early-stage funding and incubation services to some of the most successful projects in the cryptocurrency industry. KVESTOR has deep knowledge of what it takes for an emerging cryptocurrency project to become a leader in its niche. KVESTOR will help Nakamoto Games maximize their resources and scale to become a leader in the play-to-earn gaming niche.