Gaming Reward System

Unlike other play-to-earn protocol, NAKAMOTO GAMES does not apply the "pay initial, earn forever" type of play-to-earn style. It is crucial for newcomers to understand that the current trend for play-to-earn games are usually a cash grab projects and normally what happens is that in every game release there will be a group of early adopters that will try to reap the benefits by trying to play the game and earn by going through game tasks. The tokens they earn are usually paid from the protocol's reward pool, however, once the pool has been depleted, that usually means that the game is no longer able to reward its player, thus the protocol fails to continue on as it no longer has the interest of the Play-to-Earn players

NAKAMOTO GAMES tackles this problem by actually having the players compete with each other for other player's token. In a given set of room in a game, there will be 8 slots for players to fill.

Nakamoto Games' Reward System

Nakamoto Games takes the similar approach to the Poker's Prize Pool where the rewards from playing the game comes from buy-ins from each player as entry fee. The reward is then distributed to each player based on the ranking achieved by the players from playing the games and based on the amount of players active in the gaming room at the respective time. The higher the ranking of the player, the bigger the size of the prize pool is distributed to the player, where in contrary players who scored in the lower end of the spectrum loses some of their buy-ins in the process.

In-Game Assets

Unlike other NFT games, Nakamoto Games is very inexpensive to play and is open to all gamers with buy-in micro pools ranging from $0.05 - $5 per game. Each player will have to pay a certain amount of $NAKA to buy a "resource" to play the games. These resources (bullets, tickets, gas, oil) are In-Game Assets that can be created in the NAKAVERSE or can be bought directly from the platform using $NAKA, where the price of each In-Game Assets is tied to a dollar amount, not by the amount of $NAKA.

The buy-ins that players have to pay varies depending on the betting size the player wants to join in. The current available buy-in sizes are $0.05 / $0.10 / $0.25 / $0.5 / $1 / $2 / $5.

These values will correlate with the same value in $NAKA where the amount of $NAKA needed will vary depending on the price of $NAKA at the moment of buying. In the example shown below, the betting size is $0.10, which when reflected in $NAKA totals to 0.3551 $NAKA.

Once the player has the In-Game Assets necessary to play a game, they can join the game room and will have to compete with other players for the prize pool. The rooms that the player can join will only show the rooms that share the same betting sizes. Therefore, people who buy-ins at $1.5 will only see rooms with other players who are also buying in at $1.5 as well.

Reward Distribution

The prize pool will not be distributed immediately after you have completed the game, but will only distributed once it has achieve either one of the following:

  1. The room has 8 players and all 8 players has everyone submitted a high score

  2. The room has been opened for 48 hours

The prize pool, rewarded as $NAKA, will fluctuate depending on $NAKA price at the given moment that the game room ends. Due to the fact that each In-Game Assets is tied to a dollar amount, when $NAKA price increase, the $NAKA you receive from the prize pool will reduce, and when $NAKA price decrease, the $NAKA you receive from the prize pool increases. Thus, no matter how fluctuating the price of $NAKA is, you will always receive the same rewards in dollar value.

To understand more about how Nakamoto Games tackles the depleting reward pool problem, take a moment to understand the following reward distribution table:

Weekly Pool Fees are distributed each week to the top 10 players of the week. For more information - Click here

Game Developer Fees are paid to the developer of the game

Platform Fees are paid towards NAKAMOTO GAMES

Become NAKA Game Developer - Click here!

Notice that there will only be 3 players who will profit from the game room while the other 5 players will incur a loss. This is the scenario where players will have to compete with each other for other players' tokens, thus creating a sustaining earning environment where the reward pool will never be depleted.

Reward Distribution Based on Player Numbers

Please be advised that if any instances the room ends without 8 players in the room, the reward distribution will be different. Refer to the tables below for the reward distribution percentage for each number of players in the room:

Note: if there is one player in that game. Our system will return 100% - No fee charge.

For any rooms that has 4 players and below, there will be no Game Developer Fees (3%) and Weekly Reward Fees (4%), and the percentage will be distributed amongst the players equally.

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