Free-to-Earn System

Free2Play2Earn is now LIVE until Jan 1st, 2024

To allow users to risk-free adopt Nakamoto Games, the "Free-to-play-to-earn" or "Free-to-Earn" model has been implemented to introduce gamers to Nakamoto Games' vast ecosystem and to allow inclusion to the platform without needing to spend any capital.

This will allow users to participate in playing games on the platform without needing to connect to Web3 wallet, allowing conventional game players to enjoy the games available on the platform without knowledge barrier on how to operate a blockchain wallet.

Users will be able to play popular Nakamoto Games title including but not limited to Brawler Master, NAKA TD, Zombie Crash, Time your Throws, and Candy Shop completely free of charge. Users who shows extraordinary skill levels and make the top 10 player spot of the day will be rewarded daily with tickets that can be reinvested by competing in play-to-earn games and earn further rewards or sell on Nakamoto Games Marketplace.

The top 10 players will be rewarded as follow:

  • Gold: 5 tickets

  • Silver: 4 tickets

  • Bronze: 3 tickets

  • 4th: 2 tickets

  • 5th-10th : 1 ticket

How to Start

To start playing, users will need to create a Nakamoto Games account first, go through this guide to open a Nakamoto Games account.

Once the user has successfully open up a Nakamoto Games account, login into the account then head to the main page, under the scroller you should be able to see the Free-to-Earn section

Click on the game you wish to play. There will be a timer that will indicate the remaining time left until the system resets and distribute the rewards to the top 10 players for the day. To change the games, click on the hand icon on the top right corner to see which game is available to play.

Once you have selected the games you want to play, click on the PLAY button and you'll be directed to a room lobby.

There will be a total of 10 rooms that you will be able to play per one game. Select any room to join the room and press START to start playing.

Once you have completed the game, you will return to the room lobby and your score will be appear on the room as well.

The score you receive will be collected and sent towards the high score of all players. You can see the high scores of each player under the room information. If your score is within the top 10 players, your name will appear on the Top Players list. If not, then you can choose to play again in another room and try to achieve higher scores to compete with the daily top 10 players.

At the end of the day, the system will collect the top players in the list and distributed the rewards depending on the ranking the players achieve.

How to Claim Tickets

If you successfully achieve the top player spot for a game, the system will award you with tickets depending on the rank you achieve.

To claim the reward, head over to the Items Reward section on the sidebar.

If you have successfully made it to the Top 10 spot at the end of the day, you will see the rewards you have receive in the section.

Click on the Claim Reward button and then you will receive the ticket to your Nakamoto Games account. To check whether the ticket has been received or not, go to the Inventory section on the sidebar.

When you open your Inventory, your ticket will show up ONLY IF you have successfully connected your Nakamoto Games account to your Web3 Wallet. Make sure you have linked your wallet with the Nakamoto Games account first in order to see your ticket.

The ticket will show up along with the quantity you receive under the Free Item section. You can now use the tickets to play the games on the Play-to-Earn platform.

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