Weekly Reward System

To keep the community active and competing at all times, Nakamoto Games introduced the Weekly Reward System. In this system, the top 10 players who snatch the most top payouts in a particular game will receive additional rewards every week. This means that the top players for each game will receive additional benefits by playing and winning more in the game. This system is set to reward players who are actively playing the games and joining the empty rooms.

The players do not need to win every single game, but if they have the largest payout in between the weeks, they will likely have the higher chance in landing in the top 10 weekly payout positions.

Weekly Payout Calculation

The weekly reward comes from the $NAKA that was used to play the games, where 4% of the total $NAKA pool in games with 5 and more players will be locked and redistributed on every Sunday at 00:00 UTC. The more players playing the game, the bigger the reward pool becomes. The distribution of the Top 10 players will be as follow :

Rank PositionPrize Pool %


18% of Total Reward Pool


14% of Total Reward Pool


12% of Total Reward Pool


11% of Total Reward Pool


10% of Total Reward Pool


9% of Total Reward Pool


8% of Total Reward Pool


7% of Total Reward Pool


6% of Total Reward Pool


5% of Total Reward Pool

For more information regarding how the Weekly Reward Payout is collected, click here.

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