๐Ÿ“„NAKA Vision

Nakamoto Games has positioned itself as an industry leader in the play-to-earn and Metaverse markets. The ecosystem has flourished from an idea into a fully-fledged play-to-earn platform, hitting all roadmap targets in a journey to revolutionize gaming.

GameFi is in a constant state of flux. Innovation and technology lend to a dynamic market - adaptability is paramount to progress. In such an environment, Nakamoto Games wishes to maintain maximum flexibility. Our roadmap helped establish the project's core infrastructure; however, it is crucial to be responsive to the market. A vision document, with milestones shared with the community, helps us to do it better.

The replacement of the roadmap does not mean a change of vision. The same vision has remained at the project's core from the embryonic stages of development: to create the largest, most interconnected GameFi and Metaverse ecosystem in the crypto market, all tied together through the $NAKA token. We will be highlighting our key milestones and updating our community on them.

By providing a rich and diverse play-to-earn gaming catalog, a fully immersive virtual NAKAVERSE, and a 10,000-strong NFT collection, Nakamoto Games aims to blend all facets of the ecosystem to create a sustainable and diverse virtual economy. Most of all, it continues to build a rich social experience, a host of new gaming options, and an avenue to generate substantial profit for all who discover Nakamoto Games.


The core of the NAKA Vision is gaming. The team continues to add to a catalog of immersive and addictive play-to-earn games with lucrative rewards, giving players a reason to keep coming back. From intense shooters to addictive puzzlers to AAA 3-D blockbusters, the platform offers unmatched diversity, ensuring something for everyone. Players will soon be able to vote on upcoming game releases, guiding the team in a direction that best benefits the community.

Nakamoto Games intends to become the largest play-to-earn ecosystem in GameFi. The goal is to host hundreds of play-to-earn and free-to-play games live on the mainnet for users to access from various devices whenever they wish. Specifically, the team intends to produce 500+ WebGL games, 50+ AAA games, 100+PC games, and 100+ mobile games.

The endless catalog of great games should eventually lead to a monthly active user count of more than 500,000 players. Multi-chain expansion is instrumental in hitting this target. Plans are in place to partner with 10+ blockchains, including BNB Chain, Solana, Avalanche, Near, Tron, Fantom, Elrond, and WAX.

An ambitious team of forward-thinking experts in free-to-play and play-to-earn has set these milestones. Everything the Nakamoto Games team builds comes from a foundation of five core principles: data science, product management, user acquisition, monetization, and partnerships.

Our team has decades of experience in platform development, game development, social media marketing, and blockchain technology. A continuous integration and deployment strategy is vital to our teams' success. This approach allows incremental code changes frequently and reliably, facilitating the quick and efficient shipment of software.

Thus, Nakamoto Games can continuously deploy and develop top-tier games for the community while facilitating an ongoing flow of novel features and bug fixes by constantly reshaping current software. As the Nakamoto Games' positive sum tokenomics model has proven sustainable and profitable, the team can now focus more on game development and marketing, which will accelerate product output significantly.

It is not just play-to-earn gamers who enjoy the platform. Nakamoto Games also host a variety of free-to-play games that require no cryptocurrency to play. These games provide a digital bridge for traditional gamers to join the world of play-to-earn through a smooth onboarding experience. Onboarding is instrumental to the vision and growth of the GameFi industry. The team will continue to use an AARM approach to introduce new users to the platform and showcase the utility of the Nakamoto Games ecosystem:

Acquisition - Building new products and features to acquire new users.

Activation - Minimizing friction during onboarding in the early stages of use.

Retention - Increasing user utility in the long run.

Monetization - Maximising revenue to continue to develop GameFi infrastructure.

These four principles will provide lifetime value for users and will assist us in gaining the capital required to take GameFi to the next level. Coupled with a host of external partnerships such as streamers, blockchains, business strategists, and brand ambassadors, it will boost user onboarding and assist in directing the platform.


The current catalog of games will continue to grow into the future and will soon exist in tandem with the NAKAVERSE. The vision for the NAKAVERSE is an immersive virtual world brimming with enthusiastic gamers, businesses, factories, and bustling social hubs. It replicates the real-world economy with a self-organizing social and economic structure centered around $NAKA.

Players and investors can purchase land and immediately set up factories to begin mining raw materials. The resources extracted from the land are combined to produce assets - essential components in all play-to-earn games on the platform. Assets can be freely traded on the NAKA marketplace to generate profit for producers or used by the producers to enter play-to-earn games.

Run a food farm to boost stamina and increase the productivity of NAKAVERSE employees or purchase power plants to provide energy for others within the virtual world. Whatever your business, NAKAVERSE advertising tools allow savvy investors to get creative, build their own trusted brands and grow a thriving virtual business.

Above all, the NAKAVERSE provides the community with a virtual space to connect and form rich social bonds with like-minded Web3 enthusiasts exploring the frontiers of technology. Players can settle down in the NAKAVERSE, run their businesses, and meet other players in one of the many recreational outlets available. Organize games, trade, work, or just hang out and have fun in a self-sufficient, all-encompassing virtual experience.

Players enter NAKAVERSE and forge their identities through many profitable paths. Combine our tools with your strategy to create flourishing enterprises within the NAKAVERSE.

NAKA Punks

The final ingredient of the NAKA Vision is the NAKA Punks. A unique collection of 10,000 NFTs which come with a NAKAVERSE land asset valued at $500, exclusive membership to the Satoshi Gaming Club, and a share of Nakamoto Gamesโ€™ profits. NAKA Punks can be purchased via the native marketplace and displayed as your profile picture for the entire community. They possess unique attributes that boost abilities in many on-site games and can be used in the NAKAVERSE to identify oneself within the community.

Interconnectivity key to the NAKA Vision

All elements of the Nakamoto Games ecosystem blend to forge a rich social and gaming experience for players. Players can browse the gaming catalog to find their favorites and spend hours playing and earning on the platform. They can fund their play-to-earn gaming by investing in NAKAVERSE NFTs to produce in-game items or sell them on the marketplace, inherently linking both facets of the platform.

NAKA Punk NFTs further complement the ecosystem by identifying players in the NAKAVERSE and providing inhabitants with land assets to begin their Metaverse journey. The NAKA Punks show the world that you are a member of the thriving ecosystem while granting holders exclusive perks through membership to the Satoshi Gaming club. Finally, the Naka Punks connect with the gaming catalog by giving players distinct advantages in play-to-earn games.

Our collection of games, the NAKAVERSE, and NAKA Punks, are the products of our foundation, all interconnected to produce a prolific, multi-dimensional platform that no other gaming ecosystem currently offers. Many pieces of the puzzle are already in place. Nakamoto Games will continue to build towards the ultimate vision of a lucrative and immersive global play-to-earn and Metaverse paradise for all gamers, regardless of their Web3 experience. Join Nakamoto Games on a journey to revolutionize gaming, ushering in a new era centered around blockchain technology.

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