How to Buy Lands

Buying Nakaverse Land NFT

When picking Lands, you'll be met with the Nakaverse land available for sale. You can use the filter on the sidebar to pick the type of land you want to choose. Each lands available will be shown with information depicting as follow:

You may also see the land in Map View, simply hover over the Lands category then pick Map View to see the Nakaverse in birds-eye view.

In the birds-eye view, you can also choose to put on the filter to select the type of land you want to buy. In the case scenario above, the Wood type is selected, exploring ALL land slots, which will then highlight all the Woodlands available in Nakaverse NA region.

You may also see the lands that are currently for sale by other community members in the P2P Land section.

To start buying, head to List View and choose the land you want to buy. You may also refer to the Land code for each land if you want to specify the land location you found in the Map view. Once you have selected a land, click on it and you will be met with the land information.

In this page, you'll see the Land Code and the price in $NAKA with USD amount on the bottom right side. You may also choose to View land details to see how many raw minerals are left for the land.

Please note that land details information will only be available for lands that have been OPENED mineral resources (please see this guide for more information). Any newly minted lands will not show land details. Here's an example of land details that have opened mineral resources.

Each land will have a primary resource with randomize numbers along with 3 different secondary resources with randomize numbers. Only Urban, Grassland, and Desert lands that will not have any primary resources as they will be used for other purposes.

To buy Nakaverse land, simply click on the BUY button in the land information page and to pay $NAKA directly from your web3 wallet. Your land will appear in your Nakamoto Games account Inventory page.

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