Nakamoto Games

Tier System

There are currently four tiers : Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum
To protect the newcomers from being wrecked by pro players, the NAKAMOTO GAMES team has implemented a tier system. This tier system will be applied to every single game and each player will start in BRONZE tier when they start a particular game.
The premise of the tier system is that players who are in the particular tier will only see game rooms with other players who are in the same tier as them. BRONZE players will only see game rooms with other BRONZE players, and PLATINUM players will only see game rooms with other PLATINUM players. This is to make sure that the players will only see other players who are likely to be at the same gameplay skill level as them.
Tier levels are calculated from two metrics:
  1. 1.
    Number of gameplays
  2. 2.
    The high score you receive from the game
This means that even though a player played one game multiple times and always lose, they will still be upgraded from BRONZE to SILVER once they have completed a number set of games or achieve a particular cumulative high score.