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Nakamoto Games introduces the tournament system where players can participate in a 20-day tournament series with a hefty reward pool. The tournament and subsequent ones is designed to incentivize player participation in Nakamoto Games, and help attract new gamers to the Nakamoto Games ecosystem.
The tournaments will have the players compete in a highly competitive knockout format, where users will have to enrolled into a pre-qualification period where they score points for actively playing on the game used in the tournament The best 64 players from the preliminary qualification stage will be selected to participate in a six-round knockout format (Round 64, Round 32, Round 16, Round 8, Round 4, and the Finale) to determine the Grand Prize winner.
The prize pool for the winners will be split to 3 winners :
  • The Finale Winner (1st place - Gold)
  • The Finale Loser (2nd Place - Silver)
  • The winner of the semifinalist losers rematch(3rd place - Bronze).

Tournament Requirements

Tournament Registration Page
Requirements of participating in the tournament requires 2 simple tasks:
  1. 1.
    Players need to register using 10 Tickets (Ticket = $1)
  2. 2.
    Players need to play at least 5 games in Nakamoto Games before the registration time ends.
The registration time, the tournament timeline and the reward pool will be listed on the page of game tournament.
10 Tickets = $10 dollar (price in $NAKA for each ticket fluctuate based on $NAKA price)

Registration Process

After registering for the tournament, players will be provided with the Terms & Conditions for joining the tournament.
Terms & Conditions
By registering for the tournament, you accept and agree to the general terms and any special conditions that apply.
A) Eligibility criteria for our competitions
  1. 1.
    Applicants must use 10 tickets to apply.
  2. 2.
    Each participant must have played the games in at least 5 times.
  3. 3.
    We reserve the right to refuse entry to any contestant using multiple names and request that they return any prizes they may win.
B) Registration, registration methods and information
  1. 1.
    We reserve the right to reject any support that is inaudible, incomplete, incomprehensible, damaged or otherwise incorrect. The same goes for donations that are unlawful, inappropriate, racial or defamatory which we believe infringes our name and trade reputation. We are not responsible for any late, lost, or incorrectly submitted subscriptions. This includes, but is not limited to email messages that are not received due to technical issues, network congestion or any other reason. Evidence of submitting a subscription by post does not constitute proof that we have received it.
  2. 2.
    Use of any autofill software or any other mechanical or electrical means that allows anyone to repeatedly participate in the contest is strictly prohibited.
  3. 3.
    No one is eligible to participate in the contest more than once. Participants may join as a union or on behalf of any other person, union, group, association or company if they wish so.
  4. 4.
    If it is found that any participant or winner has breached the terms and conditions of the tournament as mentioned above, we hold the total authority to revoke that person's rights within the competition and request that he or she return or compensate any prize even if it was actually awarded and/or presented to the relevant participant or winner.
  5. 5.
    We have complete rights to use the information you enter to verify your identity. You are also registered as a member of our email list.
  6. 6.
    If the required number of applications have been completed and the registration form has not been closed for any reason, we have the full right to waive any applicant, even if he or she has fulfilled all the necessary conditions to participate in the competition.
C) Competition
  1. 1.
    All participants will be given the opportunity to showcase their skills in the competition. However, we require you to be online at least 30 minutes prior to your match to check-in.
  2. 2.
    We reserve full rights to make changes or modifications without returning the player to fix the problem.
  3. 3.
    Participants will only have 60 minutes to join the game room once it is created.
  4. 4.
    In the qualifying round, participants must complete three matches.
  5. 5.
    In case of connectivity issues, the particular participant will still be able to play other matches in the qualifying round. Thus, the participants without connectivity issues must continue playing.
  6. 6.
    In the case of two participants, if one player gets disconnected, the other player will be entitled for the win.
Once the player have agreed to the terms and condition, they will be met with the qualifying round lobby with the list of players that joins the tournament along with the rules and regulations for the tournament.
Tournament Room Qualifying Round Lobby
If you have succeed in reaching the qualifying round lobby, wait until you have received an e-mail from Nakamoto Games to the e-mail address that was used to register in the tournament
Example of tournament detail e-mails

Tournament Qualification Round

The qualification rounds will have all players who participate in the tournament play for 3 games each. The general rules are as follow:
  • Each player can only play 3 games
  • No ticket will be needed to play the game
  • The games can consist of any number of players, to the maximum of 8 players. The number of players max per room in the tournament will be based on the number of participants
  • The scores of all three games for each player will be summed up together to get a cumulative high score (For example: 1st game = 1000 points, 2nd game = 500 points, 3rd game = 800 points - the cumulative high score is 2300 points)
  • The top 64 players who has the highest score will qualify for the Round 1 (64 players)
The qualifying round lobby
The qualification round lobby will have different rooms in it, each player is required to play 3 games. If for instance the player participate in only 2 games, the system will only calculate the points from the 2 games played.
It is advised to wait until the room is full before starting, the more kills you receive from the game, the higher score you will receive.
Qualifying round game room details
Each room will have the tournament details listing information on how long the qualification round will last and during what period. It is recommended that players record their gameplay in case of any emergencies during game play such as game crashes / bugs / early exits.
Qualification round game results
After completing the game, you'll be met with the score from the previous game along with the number of games you have left to play in the qualification round.
Tournament participant top scores on lobby
Once you have completed the games in the qualification round, your score will be listed on the lobby screen.
Players who have successfully completed 3 games will have green smiley
Players who have successfully completed 3 games in the qualification round will have green smiley on their profile, indicating that they have completed the qualification round criteria.

Tournament Rounds

Players who have completed the qualification round will receive a new e-mail indicating the time of the 64-player round, 32-player round, 16-player round, Quarterfinals (8-player rounds), Semi-finals (4-player round), and the Grand Final (2-player round). The team setup will be made via the official tournament Discord channel that will be provided in the e-mail.
Qualification e-mails with link to Discord channel
The Discord admin will specify the rules and condition of the round along with the time period that each players will have to be on standby to play in the round. Each player will be given a specific opponent to conduct a 1-vs-1 game which the two players will have to communicate with each other on when is best for the competition to take place.
1-vs-1 player list
If in any case one of the player is missing and the game cannot start, the person who is on standby during the whole round time period will win the match while the missing player will forfeit the match.